The Shoah, by Brian Hurd

The Shoah - Brian Hurd

Zoomable Media is pleased to announce the release of  The Shoah, by Brian Hurd for Apple’s iBooks® app on the iPad.

The Shoah: 101 Keys to Understanding the Holocaust, is an electronic text book designed for use with students in grades 7-12, and for the enlightenment of anyone who finds the study of history important. The title features descriptions of 101 essential events, people, places, and concepts of the Holocaust, and is copiously illustrated with high resolution pictures and maps, each including audio captions of interesting facts and little-known details of this period in history.

The multi-touch textbook is a collaboration between Zoomable Media Inc. and master history teacher Brian Hurd of Mary of Lourdes Middle School in Little Falls, MN.

Brian has worked with middle school students for 20 years, teaching about ancient civilizations, Minnesota History, American History, World Geography, and computers. During this time he has visited Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China (the latter six times, for one-month teaching experiences at middle schools). Brian has encountered more than 30 countries on every continent except Antarctica, including all 50 US states, focusing his adventures on history and the things he teaches. 

Brian went with the 2010 American Gathering tour to Israel, Germany, and Poland and attended lectures from some of the top Holocaust scholars in the world. The museum in Isreal has the world’s most extensive collection of survivor accounts, documents, and artifacts. In Germany he visited museums and memorials in Berlin, and the Bergen-Belsen camp. In Poland he visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Belzec, Treblinka, the ghettos in Warsaw and Lodz, Kielce (site of a post-war pogrom), and many other sites and memorials related to the Holocaust. He had instruction at, and visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum before and after the trip.

In addition, Brian has visited Thersienstadt in the Czech Republic and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Brian has also taken a graduate level course on the Holocaust at St. Cloud State University, and was able to bring a Holocaust survivor in to speak to all of the students at his school about her experiences.

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