The Last Full Measure, by Brian Hurd

Zoomable Media is pleased to announce the release of  The Last Full Measure, by Brian Hurd for Apple’s iBooks® app on the iPad.

The Last Full Measure: 101 Keys to Understanding the American Civil War, features descriptions of 101 essential events, people, places, and concepts of the Civil War, and is copiously illustrated with high resolution pictures and maps, each including audio captions of interesting facts and little-known historical details. Each chapter of the text includes review questions for students, as well as access to review cards of student notes and glossary entries.

The Last Full Measure is a collaborative work between Brian Hurd, a master teacher from Mary of Lourdes Middle School in Little Falls, MN, and Zoomable Media Inc.

This book can only be viewed using iBooks 2 or above on an iPad. iOS 5 or above is required.

Click here to open the iTunes Preview page for The Last Full Measure.

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