Axis and Allies, by Brian Hurd

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Axis and Allies: 101 Keys to Understanding the Second World War, is a Middle School/High School multi-touch electronic textbook for iBooks on the Apple iPad. Written by history teacher Brian Hurd, the book features descriptions of 101 essential events, people, places, and concepts of the Second World War, and is copiously illustrated with high resolution pictures and maps, each including audio captions of interesting facts and little-known details. 

A clickable glossary of terms is featured throughout the text, and each section includes interactive review questions for students to self-check their comprehension. Students can also access all multitouch textbook features, including note taking, highlighting, and review cards of student notes and glossary entries.

Brian Hurd has worked with middle school students for 20 years, the last ten as a teacher at Mary of Lourdes Middle School in Little Falls, Minnesota, where he teaches about ancient civilizations, Minnesota History, American History, World Geography, and computers. During this time he has visited Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China (the latter six times, for one-month teaching experiences at middle schools).

Brian travels extensively, and has encountered more than 30 countries on every continent except Antarctica, including all 50 US states. He focuses his adventures on history and the things he teaches.

The Second World War was one of the first historical topics in which Brian became interested. His grandfather, Lloyd Hurd, fought in the war, and his grandmother Amelda Hurd spent many hours talking with Brian about life for her and others on the home front.

He has taught the war to students for more than a decade. During that time he has read dozens of books on the topic in addition to watching many hours of movies and documentaries. Brian has also spent time in museums and at historical sites in Europe, including London, Paris, Prague, Budapest, and others that related to the war. For an earlier book he wrote about the Holocaust, Brian traveled to Israel, Germany, and Poland and attended lectures from some of the top Holocaust scholars in the world. In Germany he visited museums and memorials in Berlin, and the Bergen-Belsen camp. In Poland he visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Belzec, Treblinka, and many other sites and memorials related to the Holocaust.

Device Requirements:

* This book can only be viewed using iBooks 3 or above on an iPad

* Level: Grades 7 and Above

* iOS 5.1 or above is required

* Print Length: 230 Pages

Pricing and Availability:

The Axis and Allies is $1.99 USD and available exclusively through the iTunes iBookstore.

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